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“S.M.F.M” (beat with hook) 😔 | Sad Rap Instrumental (Eminem type beat with hook)

😔 “S.M.F.M” is a NF or Eminem type beat with a dramatically sad & dark hook.

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Short Description:

“S.M.F.M” is a sad type beat with a male chorus. However, “sad” is not the only mood you can use to describe this beat and hook. Dark, defeated, dramatic, gloomy. Artists that typically jump on beats with hooks that have this kinda vibe are Tech N9ne, Eminem or NF for instance.

Anyway, hope you like what you hear, enjoy!

Save me from myself
Im putting me through hell
And I can use some help before it’s too late

Save me from myself
Cause I don’t feel so well
I need you here to tell me Ill be okay…
Just save me from myself

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