“Sampler Snax” Sample Pack Demo | Prod by Tone Jonez

March 4, 2022
"Sampler Snax" Sample Pack Demo | Prod by Tone Jonez 2

This demo beat was made 100% with Sampler Snax!
💰 Purchase this Sample Pack ► https://www.joneztonez.com/p/sampler-snax-sample-pack/
🌎 Sample Pack Website ► http://www.joneztonez.com
📷 Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/officialtjonez
🔥 Subscribe to my Channel ► http://bit.ly/1jM1j3H #SampleSnax #SamplePacks #RoyaltyFree *This Sample Pack is Royalty-Free* Sampler Snax is jam packed with all types of unique Royalty-Free sample content! From compsition loops with stems included, to plenty of one-shots (melodic/vocal/fx/etc), to hard hitting saturated drum content (drum shots and drum loops), and even a Jonez Choir Kontakt patch, this pack punches far beyond the price point! If you're looking for unique samples (stuff you don't already have) that will inspire you to make your best work, this pack is for you! These were recorded through all types of high end analog gear and effects to give an amazing texutre! Here's what's included: KIT DETAILS:
– 363 Total Wave Files at 44hz 24bit
– 32 Original Composition Loops With Stems
– 174 One-Shots (Melodic Stabs/Vocal Stabs/Etc)
– 56 Percussive Waves (34 Drum Shots and 22 Drum Loops)
– 1 Original Jonez Choir Kontakt Patch (Full Version Kontakt Required)
– All Royalty-Free
– All Original
– All Recorded with high end gear (Neumann, Avalon, Apogee, etc) Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSfbyVzn29k

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