Selling Beats Paid for my Mom’s House

March 26, 2022
Selling Beats Paid for my Mom's House 2

This producer sold beats and paid off his mother's house. How'd he do it? He's selling beats online, getting synch placements and more. Watch Kloudnine explain his beat selling strategy, how to get synch placements and how to manage your money as a beatmaker. Text MEC to (844) 206-7800 to join our next live session #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling 00:00 – Intro
00:47 – Beat Selling Growth
02:21 – Morning Routine
07:00 – Make Beats Your Job
09:11 – Paying off my Mom's House
16:33 – Beat Selling Financial Advice
19:22 – Beatstars BeatID Found so Many Placements
25:27 – Don't Waste People's Time
31:56 – Is Producer YouTube Uncreative?
37:01 – Are Producers Making Money or Faking?
40:40 – How I Learned to Sell Beats
45:18 – Consistency = Beat Sales
48:35 – How to get Your Beats Placed/Licensed Source

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