Selling Type Beats is Too Saturated + Artists Don’t Work 40 Hours? (MEC 194)

March 13, 2023
Selling Type Beats is Too Saturated + Artists Don't Work 40 Hours? (MEC 194) 2

Is selling beats online– or in general– too saturated? A tweet by RA the Rugged Man about producers not correctly labeling their beats when they send them to artists inspires today's conversation on why some succeed and some don't when it comes to beat selling. Dame asks the team to name artists who work 40 hours and week and gives advice on structuring your life for music business success. We end with a conversation on Hip-Hop/RnB NFTs. #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #musicbusiness #podcast 00:00 – Pain is Tired
02:30 – Why Erinn Was Gone Last Week
06:25 – Producers, Name Your Beats Properly
08:13 – Beat Selling is Saturated
14:38 – Selling Beats is Impossible
16:50 – Working 40 Hours a Week on Music
22:18 – The Problem With Entrepreneurship
26:30 – Artists Hurt Themselves
29:35 – How to Work for Yourself
34:16 – Why Hip-Hop NFTs Aren't Succeeding
38:24 – Do Artists Deserve Fans and Support? Source

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