Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals -

Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals

In this video I show you the fundamental basics of sound design and synthesis so that you can start creating sounds with confidence. I cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the basic starting blocks of sound to more complex sound design techniques and share some tips and tricks in the video too. This video is intended as an update to introduce my free sound design course on YouTube. If this is too basic for you, please do check out the rest of the playlist down below, as I cover more complex topics. ▶Chapters
0:00​ – Introduction
0:25 – Overview
1:00 – Oscillators and Wave Shapes
4:00​ – Envelopes (ADSR)
6:00​ – Unison
8:05​ – Filters
11:15​ – LFOs
12:55 – Making a Bass
14:15 – FX Processors ►Download the Synth I am using for free here: ▶Full Sound Design Playlist: ►Get My Sound Bank:​ ▶Release your music on all the major streaming sites and get 7% off with my exclusive code:​ In this video I am wearing beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphones. Thumbnail image credit: https:// Source

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