The Best Automatic Tuner? Slate Digital MetaTune -

The Best Automatic Tuner? Slate Digital MetaTune

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30:04 End Slate Digital has released the MetaTune, which is a “Pitch-Correction” tool primarily for vocal tuning but with automating tuning capabilities for any instrument. Slate Digital has generously given us THREE of their All Access Passes, which includes the MetaTune, to giveaway to you! Product Specifications: Heat Map A little keyboard also shows settings for the key and scale and a feature called Heat Maps that displays the actual notes of the recording in relation to the keys. This helps to find the key and also provides a visual representation of how well your singer hits each note. The familiar Speed and Amount controls on the right determine how fast and how strongly MetaTune goes to work on your audio material. Note stabilizer MetaTune has a Note Stabilizer function to compensate for this, where it ignores the short notes (despite the speed setting) and focuses on the longer notes instead. Three different speed settings (40 ms, 80 ms, 200 ms) allow you to set it effectively to ignore, for example, vibrato on sustained notes.  In the center of the GUI is what Slate calls “The Orb”, which is another way to control the speed and amount. And it allows you to activate the integrated Doubler effect for a wider and thicker sound. Groups One feature that could be a huge time saver is Groups. This lets you assign each instance of the plug-in to one of four groups. Changes to one instance are then reflected in all other instances in the same group, which makes it easy to manage your tuning settings across several tracks. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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