The Best Music Marketing Strategy For 2020 🚀 -

The Best Music Marketing Strategy For 2020 🚀

In this you can see how you can go from no music fan base to gaining hundreds to thousands of new fans every single day if you set it up correctly. No, this is not a joke. This is how all the big indie labels and smart musicians and artists are doing music marketing in 2020. Take advantage of this before it becomes too overcrowded.

Music Promo Big Agencies Use (Secret 2 Of 5)

First and foremost, let’s talk about why ads actually work to gain fans faster. We’re going to be looking into what you can do with $5 to $100 dollars when targeting exactly who you want.

Instagram Ads For Artists and Facebook Ads For Artists


I’m revealing INSIDER music promotion and marketing strategies that only social media agencies and record labels know:


If you want to see what else comes with the course and get the entire calendar that shows you exactly what to do as an artist, then click this:




There’s a ton of other videos in this music marketing and promo series coming soon. Make sure to check them out in the Music Promotion For 2020 Master Series Playlist



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