The Most Unique Reverb in 20 Years? -

The Most Unique Reverb in 20 Years?

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➡️➡️Get the Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine Reverb here: In this episode of MakeMineMusic, Marc Daniel Nelson dives deep into his personal gear collection to talk about one specific unit that creates incredibly unique sound spaces. The Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine Reverb is a unique style reverb that is analog driven and digitally controlled. Could this be the most unique reverb of the last 20 years? The Tegeler Auido Raumzeitmaschine creates a spatial tone that sounds very natural, transparent and clear on the one hand, but on the other hand it has a nice sound on its very own. This is achieved through the unique combination of digital and analog components. There is of course a processor that calculates the reverb. This is enriched by the typical analog sound of our devices. The Raumzeitmaschine offers the most direct access to the right sound with only three parameters. Instead of plodding through hundreds of parameters (90 percent as non-programmers, not knowing what they're doing), now you can tune the sound to the way your mix needs it. An operating approach as with a real musical instrument. Tegeler have omitted the complicated preset management directly on the device. If you remember programming the timer on a VCR, then you know why. The Raumzeitmaschine is equipped with servomotors and thus controllable remotely by the DAW. Conversely, direct changes to the device also land immediately in the Raumzeitmaschine plug-in. Use the preset management of your DAW or the Raumzeitmaschine plug-in. It's as simple as that! All controls of the Raumzeitmaschine are equipped with servomotors. You can control it directly on the frontpanel, by the internal webserver or by the DAW plug-in (AU, AAX, VST). Because the Raumzeitmaschine connects to your computer via Ethernet, there is no limit on cable length like using USB. Wireless via your router is also no problem. The Raumzeitmaschine has two double triodes per channel as well as input and output transformers. That's why there are only analog inputs and outputs, not digital ones. An important sound component would otherwise be missing without it. If you like it fatter, you can even try to override the tube from the input stage. The emphasis of the Raumzeitmaschine is to create natural enveloping sounds, it is possible to create unnatural sounds too. While It won’t replace other classic hardware reverbs, it will provide a unique sound that you will find yourself using a lot more than you first expected! You don't need to look for the most expensive equipment out there to make good music, you just need to find equipment that inspires you to get creative and the good music will follow! ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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