The secret to music success is… (do this before marketing)

June 14, 2021
The secret to music success is... (do this before marketing) 2

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The secret to music success is… well, it’s being able to attract fans and communicate with them freely. I’m talking real fans. Not just Spotify streams, or YouTube subscribers, but real fans that interact with you, engage with you freely, and ultimately, buy your stuff.

The first step in creating music success for yourself and gathering fans is creating consistent content. And I already know what you’re thinking… “But I’m working on my Album right now… that is content!” But that’s actually not the consistent content that I’m talking about.

What I mean is showing up daily as if you are your own television show for fans to tune into. So I don’t care how you do it, whether it’s creating Instagram stories every single day, or uploading youtube videos, or doing TikTok challenges, it all is essential for creating regular touchpoints for your audience to interact with you.

Whatever it is, it needs to be like a television show that your audience can tune into regularly that is outside of your PRODUCT.

Without consistent content, your music career would be like a movie that just skips the theaters and goes straight to DVD, there’s no trailer, no lead-up, no nothing—How are people supposed to care about what you’re doing if you don’t hype them up?

Just because you make something doesn’t mean it’s valuable. You need to create value with your music brand. Creating music doesn’t give it any intrinsic value.

The second step to a successful music career is inviting those fans to a free communication platform. By free communication, I mean that it doesn’t really cost you anything to broadcast a message to your ALL your fans and in my opinion the very best way to do this is through creating an email list.

You might have a lot of Instagram followers but the thing is that the Instagram algorithm is out of your control. Your posts aren’t displayed to your fans every single time. In fact, you’ll be lucky if 1/3 of your audience eventually sees your post.

The same goes for YouTube. It’s no secret that YouTube is algorithmic as well. And you can help me out on my videos by hitting the like button, and subscribing and leaving a comment and all that good stuff 🙂

But the fact of the matter is that, if my watch time is low, and YouTube deems this video not as important as others because it should be performing better, then it’s not going to feed it out to my subscribers, even though they’ve subscribed and obviously want to learn about how to grow their music careers!

The way around that is by hitting the notification bell, so if you haven’t done that yet, I highly recommend it, thanks, guys!

But circling back to email, the great thing about it is that using some of the great free tools that are out there like MailChimp. The reason MailChimp can be a gamechanger for you is if you send out an email blast, you know for sure that every single subscriber received that email (unless their email is a dud, then they are not really a subscriber are they!)

Once you’ve built your email list, step 3 is to create and sell products to your email list. And for many artists out there, this is going to be the hardest part of all.

The problem with many starting out is that they are too scared to put something out there. They think that they are not good enough, or afraid that no one is going to buy and that they will be a “failure.”

But one of the most important things I’ve ever learned is: You don’t learn until you launch.

So I don’t care if you’re a music producer and you’re dragging your feet on finishing that sample pack you’ve been working on because “you don’t think it’s perfect yet”

Stop that.

Or if you’re an artist that has never released a song, you need to release that song. How else are you going to attract fans, and network, and build your artist brand,

As the great Adam Ivy once said: “You don’t have a music career if you don’t release music.”

You also don’t have a business if you don’t make sales—food for thought.

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