Too Close ⚠️【Drake x Travis Scott Type Beat 2023】#typebeat2023 #draketypebeat #typebeat

May 5, 2023
Too Close ⚠️【Drake x Travis Scott Type Beat 2023】#typebeat2023 #draketypebeat #typebeat 2

Welcome to The Corporatethief Beats! Check out our latest Drake x Travis Scott-type beat called "Too Close." This trap-type beat features the signature sounds of both artists, making it perfect for your next project. You can find this beat on Airbit by clicking the link below. And don't forget to check out our Airbit profile for more great beats. Thanks for listening! 🎹 *Link to beats* :
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🎹Sell Beats Here 👉 Drake trap type beats typically combine Drake's signature flow and melodies with trap-style drums and basslines. They often feature atmospheric and moody sounds, and can incorporate samples or vocal chops. Some Drake trap type beats may also include elements of R&B, such as smooth chords and soulful vocal runs. Overall, Drake trap type beats aim to capture the emotional and introspective themes often found in Drake's music, while incorporating the hard-hitting and energetic sound of trap.
Travis Scott type beats typically have a dark and atmospheric sound with heavy bass, trap drums, and psychedelic or spacey elements. They often incorporate unique vocal samples and feature a lot of energy and intensity. These beats can also include live instrumentation, such as guitar or piano, and may include elements of EDM or rock music. Overall, Travis Scott type beats are known for their distinctive sound and have become very popular in the hip hop and trap music scene. Drake Type Beat, Drake Instrumental, OVO Type Beat, Free Drake Type Beat, Free Drake Instrumental, Drake Type Instrumental, Drake Style Beat. Travis Scott Type Beat, Travis Scott Instrumental, Astroworld Type Beat, Free Travis Scott Type Beat, Free Travis Scott Instrumental, Travis Scott Type Instrumental, Travis Scott Style Beat. #typebeat2023 #draketypebeat #typebeat Source

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