Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die with 12tone: Songs You Need To Know -

Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die with 12tone: Songs You Need To Know

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➡️➡️Check out 12tone on YouTube here: When Steve Winwood entered the studio in 1970 after the breakup of his supergroup Blind Faith, he intended to record a solo album. However, with the recruitment of two of his former Traffic bandmates, that solo album turned into Traffic’s fourth album, one of their most celebrated – John Barleycorn Must Die. It’s a classic album that relies on all of Traffic’s blues, jazz and rock influences. But amid all of these exciting progressive sounds, lies the album’s remarkable (and a little unusual) title track – an 18th century ballad for the 20th century…”John Barleycorn (Must Die)”. John Barleycorn Must Die was recorded in the Spring of 1970 at both Island Studios and Olympic Studios in London. Since the sessions were originally intended to create Winwood’s solo album, he began the process by trying to perform everything himself: ​​“I began trying to make music all on my own with tape machines and overdubbing and stuff. It was a very good way of writing, but it was a weird way of making music. The whole thing that makes music special is people. I was getting to the point that I needed the input of other people. It seemed inhuman to make records just by overdubbing.” The choice to perform John Barleycorn on the album has been attributed to Chris Wood, who had heard the song on a 1965 recording by The Watersons – on their debut album Frost and Fire. The Waterson’s recording was completely a cappella, giving it a haunting, ancient feel. Traffic creates their own interpretation by using acoustic instrumentation…guitars, flute and of course Winwood’s perfectly expressed vocals. Wood’s delicate flute line captures the mystical resonances of the track and transports the listeners into a completely new sonic space. The vocal harmonies enter as the lyrics move to the time of harvesting….Its a powerful choice emphasizing the dramatization of this action. The album was released on July 1, 1970. It hit number 11 on the UK albums chart and number 5 in US — making John Barleycorn Must Die the band’s best charting album in the US. It has been certified Gold by RIAA. “John Barleycorn” was never released as a single but it certainly caught attention as one of the album’s most captivating tracks. In his 1970 review of the album for Rolling Stone Jon Carroll wrote: “The best cut on the album is probably the title tune, a traditional English ballad arranged by Winwood for acoustic guitar and flute. [Wood’s] flute is again exceptional, delicate and ornate, and Steve sings the song just right, with an admirable sense of restraint and simplicity. Simple, but it works.” Over 50 years later, the song remains one of Traffic’s most adored classics. Taking a ballad that dates back at least to the 18th century, Winwood, Capaldi and Wood created an iconic track – not only for their time – but one which would carry the legendary tune into the future. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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