Travis Scott – SEE YOU IN UTOPIA (Full Mixtape)

April 28, 2022
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The wait is over! After a couple of delays, we can finally confirm that Travis Scott's Utopia will be coming this fall. Scheduled for release on August 10th through Cactus Jack Records and Epic Records (both hims), the album follows Astroworld as well as last year’s compilation entitled Jack Boys which had seven songs included off it including two new ones recorded specifically just for these projects - “ButterflyEffect" ft Zayn & Sonya Mohammed or "SORRY!" featuring Booba
- all 11 tracks are available now via iTunes - - - - - Instagram: @frgtn TRACKLIST:
0:00 -- SEE YOU IN UTOPIA (INTRO) [Prod. By Forgotten]
1:14 -- FRANCHISE 2.0 [Prod. By Forgotten]
4:52 -- ZOOM [Prod. By Forgotten]
7:43 -- LOADED [Prod. By Forgotten]
9:45 -- WAVY PART II [Prod. By Forgotten]
11:47 -- LANDED [Prod. By Forgotten]
15:41 -- CP77 [Prod. By Forgotten]
18:07 -- FREQUENT [Prod. By Forgotten]
20:49 -- PULL UP [Prod. By Forgotten]
23:35 -- GNF [Prod. By Forgotten]
26:51 -- OVERSEAS [Prod. By Forgotten] All the beats on this mixtape you can find at: Follow Forgotten
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About Travis Scott

His latest album, Utopia is set to be released in less than two months' time. The heavily delayed record follows Astroworld and will surely make fans happy with its cohesive songs that are sure not disappoint!

The rollout for Utopia has been a long time in coming. It was originally supposed to come out last year but after several delays, fans will finally get their hands on the album this fall through Cactus Jack Records and Epic Records!
Utopian's sound can best be described as trip hop with heavy influence from 90s hip hop artists like Dr dre or Snoop Dogg mixed intoalogues that are sure not only Instantly recognizable by those who grew up listening too them back then yet still fresh enought today so they're never getting old whatsoever

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