Use This Compression Trick For Better Low End

April 5, 2022
Use This Compression Trick For Better Low End 2

Are you using this compression feature?
Filtering a compressors side chain or detection circuit can dramatically improve the low-end impact of your music. I use this technique when compressing drums, mixes and any signal with a lot of low or sub frequencies. Take part in the Remix Contest here:
All the details are over on my Discord server. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won! 0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – Sidechain Process
2:55 – Before and After
3:35 – Useful Tips
4:20 – This vs Multiband Compression
5:12 – Other Compressors
6:40 – Important Information 🌍 My Website / Contact / Hire me – 🎧 Become a member of this channel:
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