Vertical vs. Horizontal Studio Monitor Placement (Common Mistakes!) -

Vertical vs. Horizontal Studio Monitor Placement (Common Mistakes!)

Let's have a talk about studio monitor positioning. Is it better to place speakers vertically or horizontally? Upright or sideways? In this video, I discuss 3 factors to consider when trying to make your studio loudspeakers sound as accurate as possible. Please share your thoughts and tips in the comment section too! 0:00 – Intro/Topics
1:10 – Wave Guide Shape
3:24 – Woofer/Tweeter Phase
6:45 – Height Issues
8:13 – Final Recommendations Important Notes: (Please discuss this in the comment section to help me figure this out too!) I see people talking about woofer/subwoofer positioning and saying that the low frequencies are omni directional / non directional so it doesn't matter where you position the woofers or subwoofers in your system. The thing that confuses me is that I can certainly hear where a subwoofer or bass driver is positioned. Try these tests in your room: – Position your speakers very wide, the bass will now sound wider too.
– Place a subwoofer to the right or left of your listening position. You will be able to tell which side it is on 100% of the time. – Try placing a subwoofer behind or in front of you, again you will be able to tell where it is every single time. I think this myth may have been started by the home audio industry/HiFi industry to help sell Subwoofers. Perhaps it is easier to fit it in a living room if you tell the buyer that the placement in the room doesn't matter… Source

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