WATCH THIS If You’re a Content Creator OVER 30… (Realistic Advice)

January 28, 2023
WATCH THIS If You’re a Content Creator OVER 30… (Realistic Advice) 2

Are you too old to start a YouTube Channel? If you're thinking about starting a YouTube Channel and You're Over 30 You NEED To Watch This Video about being an older content creator. 📚 BUY MY NEW BOOK ON BECOMING A CONTENT CREATOR 🚀 Youtube Starter Kit –
$20 DISCOUNT CODE: 20OFF 🤑 Brand Deals Starter Kit – I was almost 30 when I started doing YouTube Seriously, and I didn't become a full-time content creator until I was over 30. You can start a YouTube channel when over 30 and still be successful, just not always in the ways you hoped or in the ways younger content creators do. If you're in your 30s you can become a full-time YouTuber doing education or lifestyle content and have a career of 10-15 years earning good money, but with entertainment, it has a shorter lifespan and is harder to relate to people 10-20 years younger than you. That's why a lot of YouTubers who started in their 20s catering to teenagers and children, don't last more than 5-7 years and struggle to be relevant for more than 10 years. If you start a YouTube channel as a creator over 30, you also have more responsibility and can't take the same financial risks. 🍿 WATCH THESE NEXT
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