What Lil Wayne Is Really Like In The Studio | Deep Dive

June 6, 2022
What Lil Wayne Is Really Like In The Studio | Deep Dive 2

Timecodes –
0:00 – Lil Wayne In The Studio
0:10 – Lil Wayne’s influence on rap
0:30 – Lll Wayne is a studio rat
1:00 – Lil Wayne recording Swagga Like Us In hotel room
2:00 – Lil Wayne talks about recording process
2:30 – Lil Wayne freestyling in the studio
3:00 – Bun B describes Lil Wayne at 14 years old
4:00 – T.I. describes why Lil Wayne is one of the GOATs
4:45 – Lil Wayne thought 21 Savage was a group
5:30 – When Wayne started to freestyle all of his lyrics
5:55 – Lil Wayne recorded every single bar he ever wrote
6:20 – The moment that changed Lil Wayne as an artist
6:30 – Why Drake is jealous of Lil Wayne
7:30 – Lil Wayne’s mixtape run
8:30 – Lil Wayne’s Show Me What You Got freestyle
9:00 – Jay Z talks about Lil Wayne
9:30 – Lil Wayne recording DOA remix
10:00 – Eminem talks about wanting to diss Lil Wayne
11:22 – Eminem talks about Lil Wayne’s Mona Lisa song
12:00 – Lil Wayne’s feature run
12:20 – Lil Wayne talks about his “Soldier” feature
13:00 – DJ Khaled talks about Lil Wayne recording
14:00 – Polo G talks about Lil Wayne out rapping him
14:50 – Jadakiss talks about Lil Wayne’s features
15:50 – Mac Miller talks about working with Lil Wayne
16:00 – Lil Wayne having fun in the studio with Nicki Minaj
17:00 – Nicki Minaj describes Lil Wayne’s work ethic
17:30 – Lil Wayne’s legacy and giving him his flowers
18:18 – Lil Wayne talks about his work ethic Script Written, Voice Over and Produced By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht ) Video Edited & Produced By:
Kevin Bernardez
https://www.selcouthszn.com/ https://www.instagram.com/kbprohd Thumbnail By: JR Martinez
www.zxmbiacdesigns.com Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian Lil Wayne is one of the most intriguing artists ever. From his image to his bars, everything about Wayne is unique. He’s created flows and styles of rap that inspired a whole generation of artists. He’s had hits that still ring off in the club today, a feature run that is still unmatched, and of course, he mentored some of the biggest rappers of all time (Nicki & Drake). But one of the most fascinating things about Wayne is his actual recording process. Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube for daily Hip Hop News:
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