What Your Favorite Musicians DIDN’T DO To Get Fans // MUSIC MARKETING

May 18, 2021
What Your Favorite Musicians DIDN’T DO To Get Fans // MUSIC MARKETING 2

In this video, I discuss whether musicians can still be successful without touring, doing social media or showing their face. I break down:
► Can you not post on social media and still blow up on social media
► The four pillars of music promotion
► How Radiohead, Tool, Cashmere Cat, Aphex Twin, Adelle, The Weeknd, Burial, Brand New and other huge musicians actually built their fanbases.
► Why you should focus on how your favorite artists built their fanbase instead of what they do at the top when they are already famous.
► How you build a fanbase if you don’t want to use Instagram or Twitter

► My playlist on How To Build A Fanbase Without Buying Facebook Ads –

► How To Do A Full Stack Single Like The 1975 & Sleep Token – https://youtu.be/WpVWqNeXpJ4

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