Who Owns Your Beats When You Sell Them? + Therapy For Musicians (MEC Podcast 161)

July 25, 2022
Who Owns Your Beats When You Sell Them? + Therapy For Musicians (MEC Podcast 161) 2

If you're selling or leasing beats online, who owns the beats? There's a lot of confusion about this, but Pain has a strong opinion on single-ownership and why it's a problem that all musicians should fight. Erinn discusses consistency and praises Dame for recording the podcast on his Honeymoon. Erinn and Pain both have a therapy session, right on camera. Get my new drum kit: https://thesamplelab.com/products/damn-that-hurt-volume-6 #sellingbeatsonline #beatselling #musicbusiness #podcast 00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Producers Need Cable Management
03:27 – Commit to Your Music Career or Leave
05:49 – What More do You Want?!
12:40 – Picking a 9 to 5 Over Music
22:25 – Nobody Owes You
26:05 – Consistency or Nothing
31:25 – Who Owns Your Beats?!
35:46 – Should The Labels Own Your Masters?
36:28 – The Solution to Beat Leasing/Selling
39:19 – Owning Music is a Problem
39:57 – Bad Label Deals
44:21 – We Need Therapy Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnZfJBk7KvM

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