Why Is Everybody Dissing Eminem? | Deep Dive

June 14, 2022
Why Is Everybody Dissing Eminem? | Deep Dive 2

0:00 – Eminem and rappers dissing him
0:40 – Snoop Dogg disses Eminem
1:30 – Why Snoop Dogg doesn’t have Eminem in his top 10 rappers
1:40 – Snoop Dogg shows Eminem a lot of love
2:10 – Eminem replies to Snoop Dogg
2:30 – Eminem interview responding to Snoop
3:20 – Snoop Dogg and Eminem peace up
3:15 – The Game says don’t battle Eminem
4:20 – The Gam says he’s better than Eminem Drink Champz
5:20 – J. Cole praises Eminem influence
6:30 – J. Cole mentions Eminem on “Fire Squad”
7:00 – Eminem replies to J. Cole’s “Fire Squad”
7:30 – Joe Budden and Eminem’s relationship
7:40 – Joe Budden talks about “Rock Bottom”
9:30 – Joe Budden says he was better than Eminem for over a decade
10:00 – Tyler The Creator talks about Relapse by Eminem
11:00 – Eminem replies to Tyler the Creator
11:20 – Eminem apologizes to Tyler the Creator
11:35 – Tyler the Creator replies to Eminem’s diss
13:20 – Tyler the Creator shows love to Lil Wayne
13:30 – Tyler the Creator says Eminem’s raps are gross
14:00 – Earl Sweatshirt disses Eminem fans
14:30 – Eminem disses Earl Sweatshirt
15:00 – Why is everybody dissing Eminem? Eminem is one of the most legendary rappers of all time. From his skills on the mic to the numbers he’s put up on the board, there is really no denying that he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. And honestly, we just made a whole video about how unmatched he is in the studio. But over the past few years, it seems like Em has become Hip-Hop’s punching bag. In this video we take a look at all of the rappers who have dissed him from Lil Wayne to Tyler the Creator. Script Written, Voice Over and Produced By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht ) Video Edited & Produced By:
Kevin Bernardez
https://www.selcouthszn.com/ https://www.instagram.com/kbprohd Thumbnail By: JR Martinez
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