Why Kanye West’s Album “Good Ass Job” Never Dropped

June 20, 2021
Why Kanye West's Album "Good Ass Job" Never Dropped 2

Kanye West is always late with his album releases – 1:00 Why Kanye West's Good Ass Job never dropped – 2:00
The history of Kanye West's Good Ass Job album – 3:00
How Kanye's life changed after Graduation – 3:30
808's & Heartbreaks changing Kanye West's career – 4:00 Kanye creating My Beatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – 5:00
Chance The Rapper & Kanye West working on bringing back Good Ass Job – 6:00 Will we ever get this mythical Kanye West album? – 7:00 Kanye West created a school themed album rollout for College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation. His Fourth album was set to be titled "Good Ass Job." Here's What Happened Edited By: Thereza Pena
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