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Why Majority of Artist Will Fail at Making Money on Spotify

Do not quit your day job.

It’s unfortunate to say but numbers don’t lie. Trying to make a living on Spotify is almost impossible, only 2/1000 people have the chance of making $50k.

But lets be real. Odds are usually never in your favor. We’re always going against the grain and doing things that our friends and family have never done before. Artist are just like athletes, both need the talent, effort, and mindset to make it to the Big Leagues. Kohrey, Co-Founder of Contrabrand Agency, sheds light on Spotify’s Loud and Clear Statistics and analyzes the probability of an artists success in the next few years.

Music Business Worldwide Article:

Artists have a 0.2% chance of generating $50k a year on Spotify. Let’s kick this stat around.

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