Your Music Is Already Changing Lives -

Your Music Is Already Changing Lives

✅✅✅👇🌟 The 12 Levels To The Music Industry (52 Steps) 🌟👇✅✅✅
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Rob Level Consultation ($1,000 Per Hour) |

🤩LEVEL 1 | Starting A Music Career🤩

Rap Voice Masterclass: Find Your Rap Voice In 1 Week

How To Rap Fundamentals |

Real Talk Lyric Writing Secrets |

Lyricist Secrets: Learn To Write Better Wordplay, Punchlines, Multis & More

🏆TOP 5 SELLING Rap Flow Router: Learn Everything About Rap Flow

🏆TOP SELLING Learn How To Speed Rap In 1 Week

Rap Style Finding System: Find Your Unique Rap Style In 30 Days

100 Things Music Artists Need To Know In Their First Year

Writing Time Secrets: How To Always Find Time To Write Everyday

🏗️ LEVEL 2 | Building Your Brand

Rapper Branding Accelerator: Create Your Brand In 7 Days

The Image And Style Bible |

Artist Name Brander: Tricks To Find The Best Possible Rap Name For Your Brand

🎵LEVEL 3 | Pro Songwriting🎵

Songwriting Shortcuts & Secrets: Learn To Write 30 Songs A Day

🎹 LEVEL 4 | Making & Selling Beats 🎹

How To Make 5 Beats A Day With ZERO Producer Skills

💰Selling Beats Courses💰
25 Secrets It Takes Producers 10 Years To Learn

Rapper Brain: 10x Your Beat Sales By Understanding How Rappers Think

How I Made 34k Selling Beats in 4 Days

The 50k Hack How To Get Any Music Software, Sound & Plugin FREE

How To Rank Beats On YouTube + Gain Millions Of Views

🎤LEVEL 5 | Home Recording And Mixing

Master The Mic: Zero Fear On The Mic (Beat Anxiety Every Time)

Radio Ready Sound From Home: Learn To Mix & Master

Home Studio Budget Guide For Every Level $50 To $10,000

🎥LEVEL 6 | Content Creation For Success📷

Rob Level’s Promo Materials: Pre Made Promo Materials For Any Single Release

How To Create Your Own Lyric Videos

Shoot Music Videos With Your Phone + Make $50,000 A Year

📈LEVEL 7 | Preparing To Get Paid + Music Biz📈

How To Start A Record Label In 15 Minutes To Write Everything Off On Taxes

Music Business Money: How To Get A $25,000 Bank Loan For A Music Career

How To Find Investors To Fund Your Career

How To Make 20k Every Time You Release A Project

How To Make Your Website In 1 Hour

Music Business Money: Build Your Merch Store In 30 Minutes

Setting Up Your BMI, ASCAP, & Publishing

Copyrighting Your Music

📈LEVEL 8 | Music Marketing📊

Music Marketing On A Budget: Blueprints To Grow A Fanbase w/ $50 to $5,000

1,000+ Music Industry Contacts

How To Get Any Artist To Feature On Your Song For Free

Insider Access To Major Label’s Marketing Companies

100+ Music Marketing Methods Masterclass

How To Get Placements In Movies, Shows & Games

How To Launch A Single Like A Record Label

5,000+ Spotify Playlist Curator Contacts

Dark Web Spotify Secrets: How To Go From 0 To 100,000 Monthly Listeners

How I Went From 0 to 1k Followers In 30 Days On SoundCloud

The Million Follower Formula: Set Up Ads To Get 500+ Followers A Day

💰LEVEL 9 | Making Money And Building Your Team

🚌LEVEL 10 | Getting Shows And Setting Up Tours

🌟LEVEL 11 | Getting Signed & Sponsors etc.

🏗️LEVEL 12 | Investing & Growing A Music Empire
Only For Rapper Shortcut Members |

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