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Beats with hooks are one of the easiest ways for any up and coming artist to get started. Songwriting is hard. Dealing with rap writer block is the last thing you need when you have studio deadlines to meet.

You need to hit the ground running when you are recording an album in a music studio. Time is money. Buying rap beats with hooks gives the artist a much better chance of writing a quick in a much fast pace of time.

Not only does it help the artist complete the song faster it also helps to spire the storyteller nature of the rap artist. It will provide the artist with both the context of the lyrics behind the meaning of the song, and it will help provide the artist with the additional mood and ad libs nesscary to complete the recording.

The majority of hip hop artists aren't singers. The hook of a song is the most important section of the song. It's the section that the majority of your fans will be singing. If you want your song to gain media attention, a viral effect, to grow a fan base or radio play creating or picking the right beats with hooks is essential.

Having an instrumental with a catchy hook will help the artist gain the attention of Streaming Site Playlist Creators. If they can feel the viral effect or the magic from a great chorus they will more than likely include it in their playlists.

Starting from scratch is difficult. That's why the majority of industry artists don't do it alone.{Well Maybe Ed Sheerin Does but he an exception to the rule :-)}

Artists like Drake, J Cole, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Nas have teams of Ghost Writers behind them. Ghostwriters help inspire and bring the most creativity from the artist.


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When up and coming artists are on the rise they won't have the budget for a team of ghostwriter or session singers to create hooks for them. 

That's why I always encourage up and coming rappers to use rap beats with hooks from independent beat sites like Here you can purchase several rap instrumentals with hooks under $100. This will help you get started. You need to keep your investment low at the beginning as you don't want to spend thousands on session singers and ghostwriters when you don't have the audience to recoup the investment. 

The will be a point at the beginning of your music career where you will face rap writer's block. It's hard to break out of a rut when you don't have any idea's for creativity. This will hinder your progress as a musician. Having ready-made beats with hooks will help spark inspiration and get you in the habit of creativity. 

With over 150+ rap beats to choose from here at, you have plenty of beats to choose from. You can lease these beats for mixtapes, albums and singles. Under the beat player, you will find all the nesscary details about our lease licenses that we offer here at Please use the contact button if you have additional questions about leasing beats from our website.

Drake Instrumental With Hook - Good Night

Trap Beat With Hook - Finders

Hard Trap With Hook - Python

Melodic Rap Beat With Chorus - I Want

Club Beat With Hook - Shakin That

Hook Beat - Sinner