Rap Instrumentals

Rap Instrumentals are the backing track to every beat that the rap artist raps lyrics over. The beat contains the melody, the rhythm and mood in which sparks the creativity from the rap artist. 

Here at Beatwithhook.com, our leases start from $27.95 other music producers rap beat lease right will vary based on the promotional value of the instrumental and the popularity of the lease. 

Why Do Rappers Need Rap Instrumentals?

The rap beat gives the artist the inspiration to write lyrics and tell a story to his or her audience based on the mood of the instrumental. Rap instrumentals back in the day were created from old drum breaks and soul record samples that were recorded using turntables. 

Today the majority of hip hop beats are created using digital audio work stations like Pro Tools, Logic and FL Studio. 

How Much Do Rap Beat Lease Licenses Cost?

There are a number of types of rap instrumental lease licenses. 

Basic Mp3 Lease - Which Varies from $1.99 - $50

Premium Wav Lease - Which Varies from $15.99 - $100

Tracked Out Stem Lease Which Varies from $27.95 - $300

Unlimited Distribution Lease - Which Varies from $27.95 - $500


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Are Tags Removed When I Purchase Rap Beats?

Yes! When you purchase any beats from the beat player below the tags are removed. All free downloads contain beat tags to protect our music from unlawful uploads online. If you don't want to rap over beats with tags on them, please make sure you invest in the appropriate lease license. 

What Type Of Hip Hop Beats Do You Produce?

With over 160+ rap instrumentals in our library, you have a plethora of choice. We have trap beats, old school boom-bap beats, storytelling beats, modern melodic trap instrumentals and rnb instrumentals. 

What Is The Benefit Of Leasing Rap Instrumentals Online?

The main benefit of leasing beats over purchasing exclusive rap instrumentals is that the financial risk is much lower. You can easily acquire serval beats for mixtapes, albums and singles for under $100 - $200 mark. 

The majority of your career investment should go into the promotional side of establishing a loyal fan base. It's bad business to purchase a number of exclusive beats for mixtapes at the beginning of your music career when you don't have a real fan base to support you financially.

Can I Download Free Rap Instrumentals?

Yes! Free beats are for additional use only. This provides the hip hop artist with the ability to find the right hip hop beats that they can write lyrics too. Once you understand which rap beats are right for you and your project, then that is the right time to invest in a lease license. 

Once you have a lease license the rap instrumental is 100% royalty-free! This provides you will the ability to profit from live events, music video and streaming [using your song] without having to pay royalties to the music producer. If you have any additional questions about the rap beats found in the beat player on Beatwithhook.com please feel free to contact us.


Freestyle Instrumental - Love Child

Gospel Rap Instrumental - I Can

Freestyle Instrumental - Love Child

Gospel Rap Instrumental - I Can

Freestyle Instrumental - Love Child

Gospel Rap Instrumental - I Can

Freestyle Instrumental - Love Child

Gospel Rap Instrumental - I Can

Freestyle Instrumental - Love Child

Gospel Rap Instrumental - I Can