Travelling The World Recording In A Van -

Travelling The World Recording In A Van

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➡️➡️Watch the "We are One" Music Video here: ➡️➡️Follow Ady on his Journey here: Welcome, my name is Ady and I’m a mobile record producer, traveling with my partner Kasia through the world, recording singles/LP’s with local artists to support their musical culture and heritage. On top of that I work on client mixes remotely straight from the van! How is this possible? We are living in a camper van that is fully equipped with microphones, interfaces and basic equipment, ready to transform any house into a temporary record studio. Recently we came back from a 2 year Morocco tour to discover a new language of music and make it accessible to everyone. Today I’m sharing recording, mindset and mixing tips that I learned while recording in different places, instruments and styles that we never heard before. Music is the universal language that everybody understands and that’s why “Hit The Road Music Studio” started – to connect the world with the love of music. Let’s get our hands dirty with our Song “We are one” recorded in 3 languages If you are into World Music, Rock or Blues, this song is perfect for you. It is so valuable to learn how to mix different musical styles using new techniques to grow and get better in mixing. That’s why you can download the Multi Tracks for our production “We Are One” and mix it for yourself to spice up your portfolio. You get the chance to mix Aimad Kacinas percussion, he’s the current title holder of Africa’s best percussionist according to the 4 day Percussion Festival in Ghana where he represented Morocco and won the first place. I wrote this song in January 2021 as a thank you for this amazing experience in Morocco and to appreciate the rich culture, fantastic music, lovely people as well as the local art. We traveled 4000 Km in total to record this song with 4 different artists with the thought that everyone will get his own part in the song in a different language, here’s the structure: 1st Verse / 1st Chorus & Solo for Daraa Tribes in Arabic, recorded in Tagounite, the Desert of Morocco. 2nd Verse / 2nd Chorus & Solo for Zegro Band in Tamazigh (Original North African Language from the Amazigh people), recorded in the legendary “Jazzawiya Club ” in Agadir, at the Ocean side. The Bridge became the end of the Song with the incredible Lala Tamar in Hebrew, recorded in the creative wind city Essaouira. Last Chorus Verse / Outro (Didn’t make it on the track) by Izouran N-Sahara singing in the original desert language. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
➡️Waves MV2:
➡️Waves RBass:
➡️Renaissance Vox:
➡️Renaissance Compressor:
➡️Warren Huart IR Pack
➡️Warren Huart Kemper Pack ❤️GEAR:
➡️Stealth Sonics:
➡️UK Sound 1173:
➡️Apollo x16:
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