Beat Sales Messed Up By PayPal

February 10, 2024
Beat Sales Messed Up By PayPal 2

Beat Sales dropped, but it wasn't because beats weren't selling; PayPal was cancelling transactions, freezing beat sales and more. Here's how to avoid these problems and a crazy story about the nightmare PayPal put me through over a beat refund. 00:00 – PayPal is a PROBLEM
00:22 – When Somebody Steals Beats, Do THIS
02:18 – Beat Sales Dropped Because of PayPal
03:23 – If You Use Beatstars, DO THIS
05:02 – Sell Beats Without PayPal
06:43 – PayPal Refunds
07:42 – PayPal Error
08:00 – PayPal Lied to Me… a LOT
10:17 – They Blamed Beatstars #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #beatselling #howtosellbeats #musicproduction #musicproducer #makingbeats #2024 #paypal Selling beats online 2024 Source

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