Camila Cabello “I LUV IT” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified

May 17, 2024
Camila Cabello "I LUV IT" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified 2

Camila Cabello is back at Genius to discuss her new hit “I LUV IT.” The electric track features Playboi Carti and is off the singer-songwriter's forthcoming album C,XOXO. On today’s episode, Camila talks about how the collaboration came about and why it made perfect sense. "[The song] represents, to me, unselfconscious pleasure," she says. "We were actually playing a lot of Playboi Carti and I feel like he represents unselfconscious creative freedom." Watch the full episode to learn more about their creative musical chemistry and why the Gucci Mane homage added to the song and album's overall vibe. 00:00 C,XOXO Title Meaning
00:20 Making "I LUV IT" With Playboi Carti
01:01 Verse 1 Performance 01:08 Supersonic In Your Orbit
01:22 Verse 1 Performance Continued
01:29 Threw It Back & He Caught It
01:40 Verse 1 Performance Continued
01:54 I Go Soprano, Baby Go Down Low
02:09 Alternate Verse 1 Lyrics
02:33 Chorus Performance
02:48 Happy Accident
03:12 Post Chorus Performance
03:26 Gucci Mane "Lemonade" Homage
03:56 Verse 2 Performance 04:11 Super Twisted
04:25 Lana Del Rey Shoutout
04:40 Bridge
05:00 Slow Down, Baby
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