Did J Cole’s Apology Hurt His Career?

April 15, 2024
Did J Cole's Apology Hurt His Career? 2

J Cole's apology to Kendrick Lamar came out before Drake's dis song…
Distribute your music with Too Lost for 3 months for FREE. Use the promo code “ATODDS” at http://www.toolost.com J Cole's apology to Kendrick Lamar came out before Drake's dis song, however the internet has made claims that J Cole's career has been tainted or ruined. We don't agree. We talk accountability, Hip-Hop maturing, competition and more, plus we review the "How to sign yourself to a six figure deal without a label" strategy. 00:00 – J Cole Situation Intro
00:47 – Free Music Distribution
02:19 – Broken MIDI Keyboard
04:16 – J Cole's Apology
06:10 – Erinn Respects The Apology
11:06 – The Big 3 11:46 – Do Rappers Apologize?
13:18 – Nobody Apologizes When They're Wrong
15:41 – Do Rappers Battle Over Nothing?
10:54 – Why Would Rich Rappers Beef?
23:15 – Career Suic*de?!
25:31 – Sign Yourself to a 6 Figure Record Deal
29:44 – Business Loans Aren't This Easy
34:00 – Record Deals Are NOT Loans
34:22 – Do NOT Get a Business Loan
41:00 – Rappers Getting Scammed #spotify #musicbusiness #musicbusinesspodcast #streaming #recordlabel #makingbeats #beatmaking #flstudio #beatmaker #recorddeal #jcole #apology #drakedis Selling beats online 2024 Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuRSy80cn3I

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