Do Producers Need a Union?

April 23, 2024
Do Producers Need a Union? 2

This beat got a rapper sued for about a million dollars…
Distribute your music with Too Lost for 3 months for FREE. Use the promo code “ATODDS” at This beat got a rapper sued for about a million dollars because he never cleared the sample with Sony. Hear us speak on the tragic story of Trefuego's recent lawsuit, what went wrong and how to prevent this from happening to YOU. 00:00 – Producers Don't Have Unions
00:25 – Don't Give Up on Your Music
03:57 – Hating on Pain
06:08 – Quitting Music Career?
08:04 – Artists Don't Make Sense
09:42 – Unions VS Major Labels
12:34 – Producers Being Robbed By AI Platforms
15:26 – Producers Need a Union?
19:33 – AI Beat Makers
21:57 – Erinn on Producer Union
23:05 – Would Producers Pay Union Dues?
25:50 – What Would a Producer Union Do? #spotify #musicbusiness #musicbusinesspodcast #streaming #recordlabel #makingbeats #beatmaking #flstudio #beatmaker #sampleclearance #producerunion #musicproduction #beatmakers #beatstars Selling beats online 2024 Source

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