Find Your Niche and FINALLY Beat the YouTube Algorithm as a Small YouTuber

December 29, 2023
Find Your Niche and FINALLY Beat the YouTube Algorithm as a Small YouTuber 2

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00:02:45 DEEPER Framework for Audience Avatar
00:21:47 Can Streaming Grow a Channel?
00:28:50 12 Weeks to Become a Better YouTuber
00:35:50 Content Pillars and Content Strategy
00:55:17 Using the DEEPER Framework
01:02:15 Impressions DECDIE Views
01:14:44 RANT: Failed Experiment???
01:29:53 The CLARITY Framework
01:43:35 How I Went from 0 to 100K Subs in 3 Years
01:55:59 How to Grow a Music Channel
02:02:14 Niche Down to an Audience NOT a Topic
02:11:08 Thumbnails Matter So Much
02:15:08 3 Secrets to Beating the YouTube Algorithm 02:21:36 My 3-Year Plan for $1M a Year
02:41:33 More Questions
03:05:14 The Top 1000 YouTubers All Do This
03:15:21 Variety Channels Are Dying
03:18:06 How to Stand Out and Get Attention
03:30:33 RANT about Bad Writing
03:39:29 Viral Videos are "FAKE"
03:52:24 Don't drop out of High School or Go Into Debt to Do YouTube
03:56:12 Why Pandemic Creators are Struggling Post-Pandemic Source

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