I Made A Powerful Mixing and Mastering Plugin – Reviver

December 28, 2023
I Made A Powerful Mixing and Mastering Plugin - Reviver 2

Free Trial Here: https://www.blacksaltaudio.com/reviver-trial
It’s currently on sale for $49:
https://bit.ly/BSAreviver Reviver uses a completely new and unique transient processing algorithm to add depth, dimension and clarity to your mix. This is combined with finely tuned harmonic circuits to improve the tone and clarity of any sound source – Full mixes to individual tracks. I've spent the last year designing, tuning and perfecting this processing and the response from professionals has been amazing! Revivers' unique processing is already giving users an edge in their mixes and masters. Reviver is adaptive and intelligent, constantly reacting to your music to achieve the best tone possible. Its intuitive interface keeps you creative and focused on getting the best sound possible. 0:00 – Intro/Special Deal
0:58 – Overview
1:45 – Rock/Pop Demo
3:10 – Electronic Demo
4:20 – Metal Demo
5:00 – Drum Demo
6:30 – Guitar Demo
8:12 – What I've been doing over the past year! Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xv4Ds4jTp4

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