I Make Beats Everyday– Treat Music Like a Job?

April 29, 2024
I Make Beats Everyday-- Treat Music Like a Job? 2

Can you make beats or write songs on a schedule? Should you?
Distribute your music with Too Lost for 3 months for FREE. Use the promo code “ATODDS” at http://www.toolost.com Can you make beats or write songs on a schedule? Should you? There's a strong narrative that art cannot be forced and artists should only create when they're inspired. Does art require practice and structure though? Today we discuss. 00:00 – I Make a Beat Every Day
00:34 – Free Music Distribution
02:08 – Producer Exposes Music Fans as Ignorant
05:01 – Fix Your Social Media
08:47 – The Internet Rewards Negativity
13:17 – Art Can't be Forced?
16:09 – Dame Goes OFF
21:50 – Art IS a Job
23:00 – Art Isn't Always Fun
24:57 – Making Beats on a Schedule
30:27 – Artists Need Practice
30:59 – Natural Talent Isn't EVERYTHING
35:11 – What's Wrong With The Music Business?
38:33 – Attention Spans Are a Problem?
42:59 – Not Knowing Your Fans
45:17 – Artists Need LESS Creative Control #spotify #musicbusiness #musicbusinesspodcast #streaming #recordlabel #makingbeats #beatmaking #flstudio #beatmaker #sampleclearance #kanyewest Selling beats online 2024 Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU_JXYCprF8

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