Infinity Song “Hater’s Anthem” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified

April 6, 2024
Infinity Song "Hater's Anthem" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified 2

Infinity Song stopped by Genius to dive into their smash hit “Hater’s Anthem.” This infectious tune skyrocketed to fame before its full release, riding the waves of viral snippets on TikTok and garnering support from celebrities like Doja Cat and Keke Palmer. Featured on their EP [Metamorphosis], this scorching track is a testament to the sibling quartet's musical prowess and is even produced by Thalia “Momo” Boyd, the youngest of the siblings. On today’s episode of Verified, find out the inspiration behind the anthem. 00:00 You're Not Critiquing, You're Hating
00:22 Hater's Anthem Creation & Inspiration
01:07 Chorus Performance
01:28 Morning Routine / Hater's Breakfast
02:08 Chorus Performance Continued
02:33 Ego Without Work
03:01 Verse Performance 03:17 When I'm 99 & Wasted Time
03:44 A Hater's Prize
03:55 Verse Performance Continued
04:25 Managing Critics from the Sidelines
05:01 Bridge Performance 05:24 Haters Can Get Better, There Is Help I love the way it feels to be a hater
Something so sweet about thinking that I'm better Read more on Genius:
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