Kanye Sued for Uncleared Samples

March 5, 2024
Kanye Sued for Uncleared Samples 2

Kanye West is being sued for uncleared samples on the Vultures album…
Distribute your music with Too Lost for 3 months for FREE. Use the promo code “ATODDS” at http://www.toolost.com Kanye West is being sued for uncleared samples on the Vultures album, which is a number 1 charting independent album. His sample clearance requests were rejected by a few artists. This case shows why producers can't simply clear samples. 00:00 – Kanye Sued for Sampling Intro
00:38 – Rap Sales are Dead?!
02:47 – College Dropout Royalty Rate was HORRIBLE
05:30 – Kanye Wants Better Record Deals for Artists
10:16 – Artists Ask for Too Much Sometimes
11:53 – Kanye West is Independent!?
15:49 – How Much did Kanye Get From His Distributor?
21:34 – Kanye Couldn't Clear Samples
22:53 – Why Producers Don't Clear Samples
25:06 – They Tried to Clear the Sample
26:57 – Why Did They Drop the Song?!
22:16 – Sample Clearance is Hard #spotify #musicbusiness #musicbusinesspodcast #streaming #recordlabel #spotifymusic #hitboy #makingbeats #beatmaking #flstudio #beatmaker Selling beats online 2024 Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnKPEsAitIw

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