LATE NIGHTS with Hook | Sad Emo Trap Beat with Muted Guitar

February 16, 2024
LATE NIGHTS with Hook | Sad Emo Trap Beat with Muted Guitar 2

LYRICS: Late nights, city lights, can't escape this empty space, oh oh
Love lost, heartache, can't seem to find my place, yeah
Staring out the window, reminiscing 'bout the past, yeah yeah
Lost love, broken dreams, darkness comes too fast, ooh yeah LATE NIGHTS with Hook | Sad Emo Trap Beat with Muted Guitar: Official Website:
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Trap Beats: MORE GENRES: Hip Hop Beats and Rap Instrumentals: Pop Beats and Heartfelt Instrumentals: Club Beats and Uptempo Dance Instrumentals: Guitar Rock Beats and Alternative Rap Instrumentals: Trap Beats and Instrumentals: Country/Hick Hop Beats and Instrumentals: R&B Beats and Instrumentals: Reggae Beats and Instrumentals: EDM Beats and Instrumentals: West Coast Beats and Classic Rap Instrumentals: Mid West Beats and Dark Instrumentals: Cinematic Instrumentals and Soundtracks: Piano Solos: 'Late Nights with Vox' is a Sad Emo Trap Beat that intricately weaves together the somber tones of muted guitar with arps, keys, pads, and punchy 808's, all flowing seamlessly over a smooth trap drum pattern. Enhanced by male vocals that delve into the internal conflict of heartbreak and late-night ruminations mixed with nostalgia for brighter days, this instrumental captures the essence of introspection and emotional complexity. Perfect for artists seeking to articulate the bittersweet feelings of reminiscence and the search for meaning in the quiet hours, 'Late Nights with Vox' offers a deeply resonant and emotionally charged backdrop that speaks to the soul's yearning for connection and understanding in the solitude of night. Source

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