Pendo46 & Perry Venus – LOSE MYSELF (Official Music Video)

July 10, 2024
Pendo46 & Perry Venus - LOSE MYSELF (Official Music Video) 2

Pendo46 & Perry Venus – Lose Myself (Official Music Video) "Lose Myself" Available everywhere Friday!!
Stream the Song on Spotify: Coming Soon
Pre-Save on Spotify: Artists: Pendo46 & Perry Venus
Instrumental Produced by: LIVING PUFF & Elle Gante
Video Shot & Edited by: Juuso Lahtinen
Song Mixed: Pendo46
Song Mastered by: @xlbeatss Follow Perry Venus:
Youtube: @PerryVenus Instagram:
Spotify: Follow Me (Pendo46):
Main Youtube:​​​
Youtube Remix Channel: @PXNDOREMIX Instagram:​​
Spotify: ​​
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