Stop Stealing Content

June 11, 2024
Stop Stealing Content 2

You can make $1000s of dollars stealing content online, but what next?
Influencer marketing made easy: Distribute your music with Too Lost for 3 months for FREE. Use the promo code “ATODDS” at 00:00 – Stealing Content
00:27 – Making Money From Stolen Content
03:49 – The Platforms Don't Like This
06:29 – Erinn Confronts a Thief
10:07 – Your Page Will Be Deleted
14:04 – Dame Gets Content Stolen/Leaked
16:40 – You'll Lose That Money
21:33 – People Want to Steal
23:46 – Joe Rogan Reposts Pain's Video
26:22 – Is This Legal?
30:48 – Paying Influencers Actually Works
32:20 – Getting Paid as an Influencer
34:19 – Free Music Distribution #spotify #musicbusiness #musicbusinesspodcast #streaming #recordlabel #spotifymusic Selling beats online 2024 Source

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