Tanner Adell “Buckle Bunny” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified

May 15, 2024
Tanner Adell "Buckle Bunny" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified 2

Tanner Adell made waves when she appeared on Beyoncé's COWBOY CARTER LP. The singer, who lends her voice to "BLACKBIIRD," recently stopped by the Genius Verified studios to break down her own breakout single, "Buckle Bunny." "[Buckle bunny] used to be a derogatory term used to describe a lady who got all dressed up to go to the rodeo and hit on the cowboys and hopefully link up with the cowboy with the biggest buckle, which would be whoever won that night," she says. But today, Tanner is flipping that term on its head. Now, she says, the term is defined by independence and fearlessness. And that's at the heart of this runaway hit single. The song was named as one of the Best Songs of the Year (2023) by NPR and it continues to shine alongside other Adell tracks like "Whiskey Blues." 00:00 Buckle Bunny History & Evolution
00:33 Buckle Bunny Song Inspiration
01:00 Verse 1 Performance
01:15 This Ain't The Hamptons
01:48 Acrylic Covered in BBQ
02:03 Pre-Chorus Performance
02:18 Knockin' Boots
02:40 Lookin' Like Beyoncé With a Lasso
03:08 Chorus Performance
03:22 Bang With The Chaw
03:49 Chorus Performance Continued
04:07 Dolly Parton Shoutout
04:22 Big Back Porch But a Lil' Tummy
04:46 Verse 2 Performance 04:55 Maple Stirrups, Banana Pudding
05:41 Verse 2 Performance Continued
05:55 If He Buy Me Cheesecake, I'ma Holler 06:01 Big Boy, Big Blick, Blue Collar
06:27 Verse 2 Performance Continued 06:34 I Could Buy It All Myself Anyway
06:42 Pen Game Cash, Hemingway 07:02 Cowboy Carter Reaction Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/tanner-adell-breaks-down-the-meaning-of-buckle-bunny
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