The 2 Lives of NBA Youngboy

March 5, 2024
The 2 Lives of NBA Youngboy 2

NBA Youngboy is a complicated artist and human being. This video explores the two sides of Youngboy and how he's been trying to change but the pull of his old life keeps haunting him. 1:30 – Tyler the creator
2:00 – NBA Youngboy family
3:00 – being afraid of people
4:00 – music as therapy
6:00 – NBA Youngboy Utah
11:11 – Youngboy wife marriage
12:00 – Youngboy Mormonism
14:00 – NBA Youngboy negative lyrics NBA Youngboy is not only one of the biggest artists in the world right now, but he is also one of the most complicated to understand. One thing about the numbers when it comes to Youngboy is they really don’t lie. You’ve heard him being called the king of Youtube or the biggest of the new generation. With over 30 billion streams and more than 12 billion views, there’s really no denying that at this point. But the thing about Youngboy that most people don’t talk about is his duality. Script Written, Voice Over and Produced By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremyhecht ) Video Edited & Produced By:
Kevin Bernardez Thumbnail By: JR Martinez Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian #nbayoungboy #youngboy #yb Source

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