Tyler The Creator’s Run, Gunna In Elliott’s Top 5? Does Future Need Growth? The Bigger Picture Ep. 3

May 28, 2024
Tyler The Creator’s Run, Gunna In Elliott’s Top 5? Does Future Need Growth? The Bigger Picture Ep. 3 2

On today’s episode of The Bigger Picture, Elliott Wilson, Jeremy Hecht and DJ Hed discuss why Common doesn’t get enough credit as a rapper, Cardi B’s new album vs Atlantic records, where Gunna ranks in current MC conversation, who number 1 is, which albums the guys still want to see that never dropped, Tyler The Creator’s growth, Future’s growth as an artist, rap album of the year, Jay Electronica and more. Timecodes:
0:00 – intro
1:00 – Common vs. Drake
2:00 – why isn’t Common taken seriously
5:00 – Is Gunna a Top 5 MC?
8:00 – Lil Durk’s sound
9:30 – Bread & Butter by Gunna
10:00 – why did people flip on Gunna
13:00 – Gunna live
15:00 – does Future need to grow?
24:00 – Cardi B vs. Her label
33:00 – it used to be just Nicki
37:00 – a female up in smoke tour?
40:00 – Rapsody album of the year
42:00 – verses that should have been rewritten
44:00 – Kanye and Jay Z
46:00 – Jay Electronica status 50:00 – 6 Months rap album of the year
54:00 – The Doggpound interview
1:00:00 – Snoop Dogg on buying back Death Row
1:06:00 – where does Tyler The Creator stand in Hip Hop?
1:14:00 – albums that we wish would still drop Panel: Elliott Wilson
https://www.instagram.com/elliottwilson/ Jeremy Hecht
https://www.instagram.com/jeremy_hecht/ DJ Hed
https://www.instagram.com/djhed/ Directed & Produced by Steve Vasquez Jr.
https://www.instagram.com/stevenger/ Edited by Clifton “CT” Tate
https://www.instagram.com/goodluckct/ Camera Operators:
Clifton “CT” Tate
Jay Adame
Kevin Wilson
https://www.instagram.com/shooters.paradise/ Technical Assistant & Operations by Alex Vasallo
https://www.instagram.com/kooks33/ Sound Engineered by Avery Kentis
https://www.instagram.com/averykentis/ Production & Artist Relations by Elise Ricks
https://www.instagram.com/elise.0604/ Graphic Design by JR Martinez
https://www.instagram.com/zxmbiac/ Photos by Kevin Wilson Produced by Steve Bramucci
https://www.instagram.com/steve_______________bramucci/ Executive Produced by Jarret Myer
https://www.instagram.com/jarretmyer/ #future #tylerthecreator #thebiggerpicture #gunna #tylerthecreator #future #thebiggerpicture Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEv4Xlidgns

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