How to Run a Successful YouTube Channel – Setting Up Your LLC, Brand Deals and More…

February 2, 2024
How to Run a Successful YouTube Channel - Setting Up Your LLC, Brand Deals and More... 2

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Try Kajabi FREE REFERENCE LINKS Get Gusto for Payroll and HR Dashboard Time Stamps provided by @ChrisHunterSavesTheDay 00:00 – Introduction to the YouTube Business Livestream
11:34 – Submitting W9 and Managing Taxes
22:40 – Tips for Becoming a Master Storyteller
33:45 – Building a Dream 100 list with your audience
44:22 – Unfair Advantages in Business
55:46 – Faceless Channel Brand Deals and Creative Control
01:06:07 – Leveraging Your Success Story
01:16:20 – Building a Successful Network
01:26:54 – Thinking of yourself as a media company
01:38:04 – Direct Support from Audience
01:47:57 – Understanding Brand Deals & Managers
01:58:07 – Pricing Ladders for Membership and Product Tiers
02:09:38 – Building Trust and Generating Revenue
02:19:55 – Scaling Income through Multiple Streams
02:30:47 – The Importance of Learning From Others' Mistakes
02:41:52 – Building a Peer Group for Creator-to-Creator Sponsorships
02:53:46 – Building a Dictionary and Glossary for Creators
03:05:57 – Sustaining a Work-Life Balance for Creators
03:16:51 – Ways to make money on YouTube without being in the YouTube Partner Program
03:28:48 – Monetizing Gaming Channels
03:40:19 – Developing a Multi-Format Strategy
03:51:09 – Scaling and Building a Business
04:02:50 – Changing the Standard of Value and Effort
04:14:30 – Focusing on Mental Health and Monetizing Content Source

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