YouTube Strategy for 2024 – How to Become a Full-Time YouTuber

February 2, 2024
YouTube Strategy for 2024 - How to Become a Full-Time YouTuber 2

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Try Kajabi FREE REFERENCE LINKS Get Gusto for Payroll and HR Dashboard Start Your Newsletter for FREE with ConvertKit – Time Stamps provided by@ChrisHunterSavesTheDay 00:00 – The Income Breakdown of Full-Time Content Creators 10:17 – Multiple Monetization Methods 20:02 – Maximizing Income with Amazon Affiliate Program 30:28 – Burnout vs Depression 39:56 – Scaling as a Solo Creator 49:27 – Growing Your Newsletter and Monetization Strategies 59:05 – Making Money through Affiliate Marketing 01:09:01 – Finding Creators at Each Level 01:19:07 – Customized Audio Downloads and YouTube Algorithm 01:29:36 – The Challenges of Being a Smaller Creator 01:39:04 – Growing Your Email List with Social Media Promotion Strategies 01:48:42 – Becoming the Number One Recommended Video 01:58:48 – How Small YouTubers Can Go Viral 02:08:06 – Creating Multiple Income Streams for YouTube Podcasters in the History Niche 02:18:01 – Generating Content and Merchandise Ideas for a History Podcast 02:27:54 – YouTube Play Button and Starting YouTube Again 02:37:57 – Tips for Creating Hit Videos on Video Essay Channels 02:48:11 – Roberto's Five Rules of Clickbait 02:59:18 – The Benefits of Being a Content Creator 03:10:38 – The Five C's of Clickbait and How YouTubers Use Them 03:20:41 – The Value of a Workbook for Creators 03:29:40 – The Cold Hard Truth of Being a Full-Time Content Creator 03:39:17 – Underrated Ways to Monetize as a Content Creator 03:49:37 – Order the Book Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard: Source

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